Thursday, April 22, 2010

Small drops can make Ocean

“If you add a little to a little, and then do it again, soon that little will be more then earlier.”
Most of us, in fact all of us, want to come up in life. We want to change our bad habits (If it is there), acquire good habits, earn a lot of money, and bring about improvements in our life. However, soon we notice that we are not able to do it since the task appears to be tougher than we imagined. One reason could be that we try to change things much faster or take on more things than we are capable of. We try to exert ourselves too much. This approach will soon put us in a situation where we start seeing problems and obstacles and soon we give up. One way to overcome this problem is to change things gradually and consistently.
Let me share a story with you. Two men were caught in a thick dark forest and there were no light at all. They could not see more than three feet from their feet. One person was so scared and felt overwhelmed by the distance he had to cover to get out of the forest. But the other man was bold and looked courageous to undertake his journey asked got ready to go. The man who felt overwhelmed asked how he is going to make it since he cannot see more than three feet from his feet. For this the other man replied that it is very easy, he will first move three feet and from there another three feet and so on…! I have some real life examples that prove that little thing actually make big difference after a time of period: - A one day child can not walk & talk and if we expect him/her to walk & talk it’s not possible. Can you imagine one day baby standing and saying “walk” and then he falls down you pick him up and spank him say I told you to walk. No it is not. After a certain period of time you stand that child up and the first day he wobbles a little bit, you all get excited and say he stood up he stood up. Then you hug and kiss a lot. Next day he stands for a movement and may be wobble a step. Finally the child realizing that this is a pretty good thing to carry on and he starts wobbles his legs more & more until he walks properly. The same thing applies while we are teaching a child to speak. Suppose you wanted from child to say, “Give me a glass of water.” If you waited until the child didn’t speak whole sentence you didn’t give him water then if might be happen that the child would die of thirst. So you start by saying “water…water” all of sudden one fine day the child say “Waller..Waller” You know that word wasn’t water but still close to water. Gradually he learnt proper words and proper language. This is an example from human life.
Let’s take an example of water animal “Whale fish.” In sea aquarium huge whales is jumping over a rope which is high above the water. After seeing this we say it’s unbelievable. How do they teach that Whale to do this? Do you think they go out in an ocean in boat and put a rope over the water and yell “up..up !” Until a whale jumps out over the rope and say heyy…it is a real winner lets hire it… no it’s not like that at all. They train Whale on daily basis task and one fine day Whale starts jumping over the rope.
So as a manager you can’t hire winners always because it costs you more or may be you can’t find them. So next is that you can hire a person who has potential to be a winner. Then you systematically train that person to become winner.
Life is like this only. We need to remember that a thousand-mile journey starts with a single step! Today you take the first step and make just one little change and then one more and so on.