Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A dose u can’t stay without

Here I am not going to talk about any medicine or anything related to it but here I am going to talk about something which is more than a medicine. In this blog I am going to talk about Family (Dose). A family is replica of the society in itself. The importance of family lies in the fact, that it joints a nation together. When we find our self in such a situation, what is it that sustains and supports us..? The values which were passed to us by our family make us survival and growth possible. These values such as patience, care, understanding and commitment etc. differentiates us from the rest. Family bonds are a link to our beginning and a guide to our future. Values are taught at an early age and are carried with us throughout our life. Rituals of bedtime stories, hugs, holidays and daily meals shared together, provide a sense of warmth, structure and safety. Strong family bonds help us to thrive in all aspects of life. Lack of these bonds can lead to forever seeking that something which is missing. Don't take the value of family bonds for granted.
As I look back upon time, I can say with pure recollection of my memories, that family is one of the most precious aspects of my life. I may or may not be aware, but my family was my first school when I entered in this world. However, my arrival made my family happy and they took me home and from day one, I started learning about love, care and family relationship. My parents didn't change my wet nappies only to stop me wailing, but because I was uncomfortable with it.
I am studying in Indore. Before that I was in Ahmadabad, there I was preparing for MBA entrance exams from PT Education. During those days I lived at my Nana’s home. During those days I relies that family doesn’t mean only parents. Because the love I received there was tremendous. I can’t write this in words but I just want to share with you one thing that Even I didn’t remember my parents during those days. Nani used to say me that Aaj to ghar pe baat kar le… and then I call to my parents and we all talk them. My mosi also take care of me very much, when she goes to the market she generally ask me that Gaurav market se kuch lana hai kya tere liye..? Even I can’t forget ankit & amit (my cousins) also they help me in solving my maths & DI/LR problems. In short I want to say that I can’t forget those movements in my whole life. I think, these two examples are enough to convince you of the importance of family. If you are not, then let me know, I have an endless list of examples which I could draw on and on.

It is the place, where I learned how family relationships work, by observing my parents, grandparents, my siblings and rest of the family members deal with each other. I also noticed how my family coped and adjusted with the ups and downs of life and time. Family gives me Identity and from this identity you all know me. Whenever we move from one place to another, we carry our family history with us. The Best feeling in the world is being able to go to a place where you can call HOME. A place where we can learn something new each day from the ones who love us the most…!
How can we make our family relations long life?
Here is the answer, Each person in family needs to:-
• Show love to each other
• Make a contentious effort to let the members of your family know that he or she is special
• Praise each other
• Having family times
Remember, without love there is no healing. With Love, healing is foreseeable. Having a family can be a fulfilling and an exciting experience. Our family life is an important part of our life. How we treat each other and the respect we give each other will affect our relationship with that person and could affect how that person feels about themselves.
“Families grow and change over time, so it’s important that we have the skills to be remaining close to each other able to keep our family relationships happy and healthy.”



  1. Itna Philosophical!!!!!!!!! nyways mast hai seriosuly maza aa gaya padh kar.....
    Ab next testimonial kiske bare me hai zara ye bhi bata dena.....

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  2. Nice blog, but one suggestion try to avoid using short form of the word. Check out the title of the Blog.

  3. nice blog and the topic that you have chosen is other than general.
    Really family love is like blessing for us.

  4. beautiful blog brother
    really touchy and inspirational
    family life is the real blessing undoubtedly
    very good work
    keep writing more