Saturday, March 13, 2010

"Heroes of my life"

Hello friends..
This is my first blog so I am writing this blog about those people who are very special for me.
Heroes always change in our mind as we grow. As a child, we think superman, Spider man as our heroes. As we grow more, our opinions keep changing from time to time. We begin to think about the real things, about what heroes really are. How they really help us. Heroes also affect my life really and other people's lives. We always need heroes to get something from their life.
When I think of heroes, such names as Gandhiji, Martin Luther, Mother Theresa, Big B, Ratan Tata, Dhiru bhai comes in my mind. These people had done a lot of work for the people & society. They have changed the world completely. But heroes of my individual world are my PARENTS.God created them for helping me & gave real time values. They did anything for my happiness (Not only mine, but they take care of their friends, and family also.) Without my parents, I probably will not survive.
Heroes usually best described as their selfless help, brave, and often inspiring. My father always inspired me to do the right things, to be strong, and be independent specially. I am sure that all parents that did a lot of things for their children and all children see their parents as heroes. My parents are the most inspiring people for me. They taught me the way how I have to live my life.
Parents influence me in many ways including how they act, talk, walk, and the way they act around other people. Even when I grow up into adults, I still adapt some things that my parents do. Without parents, we wouldn’t know how to grow up and raise our own kids (Exceptions are every where). Even animals need parents; a calf needs its mother just like a human needs his. No matter how much we grow but they still treat us like a child. I am living here in Indore far from my parents and they think all time about me that where I am this type, did I take dinner or not, am I happy here or not etc...?
Parents are important because they helped in our development. They gave us the things that I needed to grow up in the moment like my basic needs like food, clothes, medicine, a place to live, and the most important thing, the love. Sometimes they get angry with me when I do something wrong and I get really mad at them but it didn’t mean that they didn’t love it means that they care me very much I understand why they do certain things and it is because my parents want the best for me. Also, they care for me when I am sick and they give me the necessary things to get better. They teach me good values like how to behave, to respect other people, and to share with other people. Sometimes they push me in certain directions and have high expectations for me, but now I really appreciate everything they have taught me.
The most important thing to realize is that we all have many teachers in our lives. Our parents teach us, our teachers teach us, and our peers teach us. Books and newspapers and television also teach us. All of them are valuable. But according to me parents are the best teacher and the moral values & ethics they inculcate in us are very strong.
Humans are most developed creatures on the earth with feelings, lots of knowledge, taking care of each other. In our life some people who are very close to us. Why do we forget them sometimes? Parents are the first people who deserve our attention. Through the years they put so much effort and passion the way they can, to protect us from bad things. We know that our parents will be next to us even if we get in trouble or lose everything. They still will be the ones to help us as much as they can. For this reason we should be so thankful to them and pray to god for their happy long life. We have to take care of our parents as they did when we were child. It’s just the way it is supposed to be in this world. We should be doing this so that our kids can see a good example of how to be with their parents as we grow older. Thanks to my parents today I can said all of these things to other people.
Finally I just want to say one line that “Our parents give us our life, but then they try to give us their life also.”


  1. Hi Anurag,
    Congratulations for your first blog!!!
    Nicely written and very Close to heart topic.
    PARENTS...every child's SUPERHERO's. WHY they shouldn't be?? They do so much for us, without expecting an inch of it.
    I liked it. Expecting more from you.
    Keep writing.

  2. It was touching to heart.
    What i learned in last few years is that parents are always right, but they always seem wrong to us.

    main roya pardesh me, bheega maa ka pyaar...
    dukh ne dukh se baat ki, bin chitti bin taar..

  3. Dear Gaurav ,
    Very nice ,
    Very creative
    Excellent go ahead .
    God Bless you
    wish you all the best


  4. Thank you seema and shashank for your comment.

  5. Thanks a lot nana for reading my blog. As you are busy in office work but still you gave your precious time to my blog.
    Thanks Thanks a lot.

  6. hi.congrates for your first blog...
    your topic is really very touching.
    nice thought, and good content.
    keep bolging....
    all the best!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Cool One anurag!!!!!!
    Topic you selected to write 1st blog of yours is quiet awsome.....!!!!!!!!!!
    Seriously parents play important role to develop us with awsome personality....
    Really superb attempt........
    Keep writing regularly......
    done be like me ek bar likh kar bhul gaye....

    Take care,

  8. Thanks ashish bhaiya & kratika for ur comments.
    Richa u always works as a motivator for me..thanks for ur comment.

  9. its so long, aaj aadha hi parh paya hoon ha ha..

    accha hai bhai

  10. hi anurag,
    I saw your link, and thought let us see what you have written, but when i read your blog found so wonderful and heart touching. you have chosen good topic also.
    Really nice and best of luck for future blogs

  11. hi anurag....
    ur topic is very heart touching
    and u have wrote it very well....
    Seriously parents play important role in our life....
    its the starting of ur blogs.. just keep on writting on such tpoic's!!!!

  12. okk gopal whenever u have time read remaining part also.
    thanks vishal for reading my blog and shikha u said write on such topics...
    such topic like..???

  13. hiii Anurag
    congrates for your first blog.
    The topic you have chosen to start for the journey of blog writting is really excellent.parents can never be wrong but its our mistake if we think that parents are wrong. so always respect your parents keep writting lot

    best of luck for your bright future

  14. Dear Anurag,
    Welcome to the world of blogging!
    Wonderful topic to start up.You conveyed the importance of parents in our lives,and how much they really mean to us.
    Good Job!
    Keep Blogging!
    Neha Fatehchandani

  15. Hello Anurag,

    Nice topic for started it off. Keep blogging.. All the very best!

    Proton Ankit Mandloi

  16. hey its ur first blog..n really present ur thought nicely..u r nt only shared ur thought u described the fact of life...
    u rocked dude in ur 1st blog
    keep bloging

    vidhi mundra

  17. Thanks Suman Di that u you gave ur valuable time to my blog.
    Neha & ankit thanku very much for reading my blog.
    Vidhi finally you also read it..thanks for it.
    I hope that I'll do better in my next blog.

  18. Anurag, a very touching blog. You have written it from your heart. It is written very nicely. All the best.


  19. Hi Anurag,
    Congratulations for your first blog!!!
    The blog is very nice and insightful.

    Keep blogging............

    >>>>>>>>>>>>> K U N A L

  20. really good blog and i agree with you , our PARENTS are become our heroes may be we will believe in this thing and our parents really give good sport any time ,and heroes main duty is help to needed person and take care to own person so finely your blog is fantastic

  21. Finally you made it MAN.
    Keep it up.
    Use more graphics.
    Post Variant topics.
    All the best

  22. Hi.....

    Nice blog..

    Really Parents are our god...