Monday, October 11, 2010

Its my Birthday...

Today is 11 October, my birthday. Happy birthday to me I am now 21. Usually I do not celebrate my birthday. I would always keep it in my heart and never expose that today is my birthday.

Today my friends celebrated my birthday very nicely with sweet, yummy, lovely birthday cake. Lots of bumps and full on masti. When they wish me I do feel happy or persuade to be happy but some thinking always knocks me in my heart. I try to think why is birthday treated as a happy day? Maybe we know our life is very short and birthday means we lost a year from our life and we want to forget it by celebrating birthday or we want to live our life with full of joy and birthday gives us a special day or we can say that we have grown 1 year more and this is the reason to celebrate a birthday. I know there maybe a lot of answers.
In the whole year, I just forget that I have already passed many time in my life but birthday reminds me that. Then I start to calculate what I have done so far and what I should do within the remaining time. I know this calculation is useless but I can’t control myself to release from thinking. My birthday becomes meaningless when I think about the orphan boy in the street; my birthday wish kills me when I see a hungry street boy is crying for food. Yes, my birthday will become a perfectly tensionless celebrating birthday, when these problems will be no longer and that day will come very soon then I’ll celebrate my Birthday with full of Happiness. It doesn’t mean that I am not happy today I am happy but not completely because something is missing.
Missing parents and some special friends during birthday celebration.
The most inspiring lines I have ever heard, “There are two great days in a human’s life- one is when he/she is born and second is the day he/she proves why he/she is born.


  1. Wish u very happy birth day...
    nice blog!

  2. Belated Happy Birthday Anurag, tumhari zindagi ka 1 saal gaya nai but but apni zindagi ka 1 or saal jee liya,
    Think psitive, when its in your mind then you will make it, I am sure.....