Saturday, October 2, 2010

Pearl of wisdom- Believe in your self

One day two children were born in the same local hospital. Both of them received excellent care. They went to the same school and, unlike many of their generation, lived their whole life in the same area.
Both had parents who read to them, checked on their homework, and came to their afterschool activities. They both had afterschool jobs in high school and both attended the same well regarded state college. Graduation came four years later and then entrance into the job world.
If you compared their transcripts and test scores side by side, these two individuals would appear remarkably the same.
Yet, ten years later they came to their high school reunion, one was on the fast track to upper management and making $200,000 a year minimum. There other had two lateral job changes with little change in salary or responsibilities.
Why would these two similar people be in such different places in their lives?
If you had been a fly on the wall in their growing up years, you would have seen and heard the difference.
One of them grew up with the belief that anything could be accomplished. A problem was just a temporary impediment, a puzzle to be solved. And that one knew the solution would be found.
The other grew up with the belief that life was a constant struggle that would prevent anyone from achieving their goals.
In short, one believed that for every problem, there was a solution. The other believed that problems kept you from what you wanted to accomplish.
These two very different beliefs about difficulties in life, determined what would happen when there were bumps and barriers in the road.
The belief that there is always a solution allowed the subconscious mind to search for solutions. There were only temporary set-backs. You can almost see an SUV commercial with the vehicle finding a way around obstructions or barreling through rough terrain.
When programmed with "Problems keep you from what you want," there is no searching for solutions. Hopes and dreams come to a halt.
Your thoughts and self-talk are signs of what you believe. If you continually cheer yourself on, you believe you will find a solution. If you tear yourself apart, you believe obstacles become immovable forces.
If you are one of the folks who feel others have all the luck, it is time to look at your beliefs about yourself, others and the problems that face you. When you believe that a solution is present, you just have to find it, your inner resources open up to find that solution.
“If you wish others to believe in you, you must first convince them that you believe in them”


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  1. Hi Anurag: Its so nice blog, I just loved reading it, can we shift ourselves from non believing to positive belief, if yes, then how??